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For everyone living with hard water the costly damage is wrecking their plumbing systems and ruining their washing machines, dishwashers and hot water systems.

Fuel heating bills are getting bigger and bigger, just when we should (and could) save money!

But that's not all, as hard water scale deposits form they not only block up systems and hot water tanks, they actually displace water so that you have less to use, leaving rock like deposits on every surface that it clings to. Hard water is a real menace, and very costly.

Water softeners are not just a luxury item, they are a necessity, just look at the Calgonadvertisements that are run on a regular basis "washing machines last longer with Calgon"that;s a fact, they do last longer, but Calgon has no effect on Dishwashers, boilers, hot water tanks, Immersion heaters, radiators, pipes and other plumbing equipment.

Calgon won't help with the systematic cleaning out of all of the above mentioned items, and free them of costly hard water scale, only a water softener can do that.

Calgon can't make your hair cleaner and softener, it can't help with the relief of dry, itchy skin conditions, or help reduce your water heating bills, it can only help your washing machine!

You can now stop hard water damage in it's tracks and reverse the build up of scale within your plumbing system, your hot water tank and boiler, you can clean out your washing machine and dishwasher of calcium rock and return them all to "as new" condition.and reduce your fuel bills at the same time.

Save energy, Save money, save costly breakdowns, save time and expensive cleaning chemicals.

A water softener works superbly efficiently in three ways to benefit you for a possible working life of 20 years plus, and work to make all water related equipment last longer as well.


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