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Aqualyze Cascade

Aqualize_roPure water "on tap" 24/7 - no fuss, no jugs, no bottles just fresh sparkling clear water, simply turn on the special "faucet" styled tap and enjoy pure great tasting water for the whole family, safe in the knowledge that up to 99% of tap water pollutants are removed and the great taste of real water is there for you just when you want it.

The latest addition to our range of fine water improvement products the Aqualyze Reverse Osmosis Drinking water purifier is the neatest and easiest to fit and use unit available, its compact design and easy change filter cartridges makes for an unbeatable combination


The ultimate in pure drinking water.

The Aqualyze Cascade is a very modern well-designed Reverse Osmosis water purifier capable of supplying a constant flow of fresh, healthy purified water direct from its own stylish tap fitted directly to your kitchen worktop or sink.

How it works.
Behind the technology of the Aqualyze water purifying process there has been many years of continuous development by one of the worlds leading manufactures of water improvement products.
Raw water from for household supply is directed into the first of the removable housings  (pods) to filter out contaminants in the first stage of purification that then passes it on to the second stage (and pod) to remove a very high level of contaminants such as fluoride, nitrate, calcium, Sodium, lead, iron, pesticides and much more, leaving your drinking water comparable, if not better than most bottled water and at a fraction of the cost per litre.

A water softener basically reverses this process.