FAQ Can I take Filtered water to more than one tap?
Why is Reverse Osmosis better than filterd water?

Can I remove Softened water from my system for drinking purposes?

Can I remove Softened water from my system for drinking purposes?

Yes, if you already have a water softener and you do not have a hard water drinking tap separated from the soft water system you can “bypass” the softener by branching off with a separate pipe “before” the softener and take that directly to any taps that you do not want softened i.e. the kitchen tap, a separate drinking faucet also on the sink unit and a garden hose tap.

All bypassed taps will of course be untreated and will continue to form scale in kettles, coffee makers etc; that’s a good idea for the garden hose but not such a good idea for your kettle etc.
If you have a good quality water filter system in with a Scale Reduction installed you could quit easily have all of the benefits of a water filter without all of the disadvantages of scale and of course no sodium.


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